Lacey Urgent Care: Horse Riding Safety Precautions for Equestrians

Horse Riding Safety Precautions for Equestrians

Lacey Urgent Care: Horse Riding Safety Precautions for Equestrians

Horse riding is one of the most popular recreations that folks in Lacey enjoy. Avid equestrians get to bond with their steeds while enjoying acres of meadows, grasslands, and woods overlooking scenic views. Many equestrian facilities and horse boarding farms, such as the Blue Dome and Morris Shadow Mountain Stables, even provide showmanship and grooming lessons for people of all ages who’d like to take their hobby to a more in-depth level. Even with regular training, however, horseback riding still comes with the risk of accidents, and Lacey urgent care clinics are familiar with equestrian injuries.

Soft tissue injuries like abrasions, contusions, lacerations, and saddle burns are among the most common of these injuries, followed by the more severe ones that need immediate medical care, like fracture and dislocation. To protect your riding career, remember these safety tips.

  1. Always wear proper clothing. A hard helmet can spare you from severe brain injuries in the event of a fall. Wearing proper riding boots is also important to prevent your foot from slipping through the stirrup and you getting tangled and dragged during a fall. Moreover, regardless of how cumbersome riding vests may be, they would do a great job of protecting you from broken ribs.
  1. Be wary when standing close to the horse. Amateur riders are usually taught where to stand around a horse to avoid injuries from unexpected kicks and jumps. However, even if you’re a long-time rider, don’t fall for a false sense of familiarity. No matter how docile and tamed the horse may be, they can still catch you by surprise. Stick to the safety rules; start by equipping yourself with the essential gear.
  1. Watch out for obstacles in trails. Galloping freely on an open road can be a really thrilling break from the less exciting arena. Nonetheless, factors such as weak traction, sheer inclines, and logs can endanger both you and your horse. Additionally, wild animals or loud sounds from out of nowhere can cause your horse to panic. Study your surroundings and never push your horse to the limit to avoid accidents.
  1. Seek urgent care as needed. While some equestrian injuries may count as emergencies, there are less serious cases that can be treated with a short trip to an urgent care clinic. Strains and sprains can sometimes lead to permanent muscle and joint tears, and soft tissue wounds can get infected without professional treatment over time. Equestrians in Lacey incurring injuries of such nature should visit a walk-in clinic like U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group.


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