Lacey Urgent Care Talks Fish Handler’s Disease and How to Prevent It

Spending time outdoors at Woodland Creek Community Park is a great way to get the whole family outdoors and enjoy nature. Hiking, climbing and fishing are some of the most popular activities to try at this lush outdoor recreational area. If fishing is on your to do list, take care to avoid Fish Handler’s Disease. If you notice any symptoms, visiting an urgent care in Lacey can help to diagnose your condition and get you the treatments that is necessary for recovery.

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Symptoms of Fish Handler’s Disease

Fish Handler’s Disease is caused by Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae, which can enter your skin through small cuts or scrapes. This bacteria live on fish scales as well as on the surfaces of lobster and shellfish. If you get the bacteria into your skin, you might notice symptoms such as a reddish purple circle that develops around the area of the cut or scrape.

Other common symptoms of Fish Handler’s Disease include pain, burning skin and itchiness near the broken skin. Joint stiffness and swelling of the lymph nodes develop as the infection advances.

What to Do If You Develop Symptoms

If you notice a rash, bump or other unusual spot on your skin after fishing or hiking in Woodland Creek Community Park, it is imperative to visit a Lacey urgent care center like U.S. HealthWorks. The staff may ask you about your recent activities and places that you have visited. A physician may conduct a visual exam of your skin and may palpate your lymph nodes to check for swelling. Your temperature may be measured as another way to detect the signs of infection. You may be given prescription antibiotics to treat the infection.

Preventing Fish Handler’s Disease

In addition to going to a neighborhood urgent care center, you can also take steps to protect yourself from getting Fish Handler’s Disease in the future. Your doctor might recommend that you wear long rubber gloves the next time you go fishing to stop bacteria and other microorganisms from gaining access to your body. Washing your hands with warm soapy water after fishing is also important.


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