Urgent Care Tips to Avoid Getting Seasick During a Cruise Ship Trip

Many people like the idea of taking a relaxing cruise for a much-needed vacation. Cruise ships have incredible amenities such as full-size theaters, Olympic-size swimming pools, miniature golf courses and more. However, the constant churning of the waves may also start up some churning in your stomach. Providers at a Lacey urgent care offer these tips to help you avoid getting seasick when you take a cruise.

Consider the Ship and the Itinerary

If possible, choose a cruise ship that has been built within the past 10 years. These ships are outfitted with fin stabilizers, which helps to minimize their swaying motions as they push through the ocean. Fin stabilizers lessen the rocking that cause you to feel nauseated and dizzy.

cruise ship trip

You might also want to choose your itinerary carefully. The early summer months through mid-fall months are when hurricanes are prone to travel through the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and the eastern coastline of the United States. Those times might be better for a cruise to Hawaii or Alaska rather than a cruise to Jamaica.

Choose Your Cabin Wisely

Cabins located at the midship point experience the least amount of motion. These also tend to be the most popular cabins on cruise ships, so you may need to book your reservations early. If possible, avoid the cabins located at the front of the ship, as those experience the greatest amount of motion. If you cannot get a mid-ship cabin, try to minimize the time spent in your cabin and instead head to other parts of the ship that have less movement.

Bring Preventive Medication and Devices

You can purchase over-the-counter devices such as Sea Bands to wear around your wrists. The bands have a small button that puts pressure on a point at your wrist. This pressure is thought to lessen your chance of getting nausea. You could also purchase an over-the-counter medication that helps to protect against seasickness. Take the medication at the first symptom that you notice. If you are someone who generally gets seasick, visit an urgent care in Lacey such as U.S. HealthWorks for treatments to calm your stomach before heading out to sea.

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