Lacey Urgent Care Provider: Prevent Sickness from Farm-Fresh Produce

There’s nothing quite like the quality of fresh produce you get from a farmer’s market. The Olympia Farmers Market, therefore, is something that gets area residents excited year after year. Considered “The Jewel of Olympia.” It has provided a diverse variety of organic produce to the downtown community for 40 years running. This year’s market season is fast approaching, and you have 152 days from April to October to take your pick of the bounty.

Wash Farm-Fresh Produce

No matter which fruits or vegetables you get, however, Lacey urgent care providers remind everyone to wash each item thoroughly to prevent foodborne diseases. Here are some things to remember so you can stay healthy as you enjoy the fruits of local farmers’ harvest.

Green Culprits

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) found that most foodborne illnesses are caused by produce like green leafy vegetables. Bugs are some of the main culprits that causes the stomach flu, and many cases can be traced to food handlers. This is also true for many fruits.

However, this shouldn’t discourage anyone from consuming as much fresh food as you can. The health benefits alone are reason enough to make sure your fridge is full of these goodies. If you still have concerns, keep in mind that thoroughly cleaning your fruits and vegetables is often enough to make them completely safe to eat.

Wash Away Contaminants

A lot of bacteria that contaminate produce come from the attached soil. Therefore, it makes sense to wash away every bit. Hold your items under running water, or you can also let them soak for a few minutes to loosen the dirt. Then, carefully scrub them, paying more attention to nooks and crannies, until they’re clean enough for a final rinse. Never use chemicals like soap or bleach, and use cold water to keep them fresh during cleaning.

These tips are meant for produce you take home. Yet it’s hard not to take a taste of the wonderful things the Olympia Farmers Market has to offer. Want to take a bite of that juicy, red apple? Take a spray bottle with you, fill it with clean water, and clean the fruit with it. Also, don’t forget to bring the contact number of an urgent care provider in Lacey with you so you’re always prepared just in case foodborne illnesses like the stomach flu strike.


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