Urgent Care Providers’ Top Kitchen Safety Reminders for New Cooks

Cooking classes, like those offered in The Bayview School of Cooking, are a great way to hone your culinary skills. Whether you are a new cook or a veteran looking to learn something new, such classes are a great investment of time and money.


While you will certainly learn recipes during the classes, you shouldn’t neglect mastering safety practices to prevent cuts, burns and other kitchen related injuries. Top providers of urgent care in Lacey offer the following reminders:

Burns and Heat-Related Injuries

Any good cook has experienced a burn during their time in the kitchen. This type of injury can be prevented if you know the right practices. One way to do so is to drape a towel over your arm while frying food. This towel can serve as a barrier against the sizzling oil.

If you’re opening pots and pans, lift the lid away from you so the burst of steam doesn’t get in your eyes. In addition, always use mitts when taking pans out of the oven.

Chopping and Slicing

Aside from mastering proper chopping techniques, there are other things you can do to prevent cutting your fingers. For instance, always make sure that you’re chopping on a level, stable surface to minimize mishaps. Likewise, make sure that your knife is sharp, as dull blades often cause slips that lead to cutting mishaps. Last but not the least, try to minimize distractions when chopping–keep your smartphone away and focus on the task at hand.

Slips and Falls

Where there’s a kitchen, there’s water. And when water finds its way onto your floor, you’ve got a slip and fall accident waiting to happen. If you spill any liquid on your floor, take care to wipe it up immediately to prevent an accident. Make sure to keep liquid ingredients, such as oil and sauces, close to the cooking area and avoid transporting them from counter to table, which can cause spills.

Accidental Spills

When leaving pots and pans on the stove, always remember to turn their handles inward. Otherwise, you or someone else in the household may pass by and hit the handle, causing the pot to topple over and potentially cause a burn.

Most kitchen injuries are avoidable and easily preventable. But if you do experience injuries such as deep cuts or more severe burns, go in to a Lacey urgent care center, such as U.S. HealthWorks, to get medical treatment ASAP. By doing so, you can prevent complications and facilitate faster recovery.

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