Summer’s End at Lacey Show: Urgent Care Do’s on Staying Asthma-Free

Attending the 15th annual car show titled “Summer’s End at Lacey” is definitely one great way to end the summer season with a bang. Aside from featuring rare collector cars, this event also gives both young and old attendees the opportunity to bond as they play car-related games and savor the variety of foods sold by vendors.


However, since being outside for extended periods can trigger an asthma attack, it is always best for asthma sufferers to stay alert and devise a backup plan in case their asthma is triggered. As a guide, urgent care providers in Lacey offer these important precautionary tips.

Identify Asthma Triggers

Aside from pollen and bad air quality, there are different things and conditions that can stimulate an asthma attack, so it is important that you identify your own asthma triggers so you can create a plan with your doctor. Before attending the event, consult your doctor and ask for an allergy test. This way, you and your doctor can work on a sustainable, preventive plan.

Protect Yourself from Asthma Triggers

If your asthma triggers when you are exposed to cigarette smoking, then it is best that you stay away from people who smoke when you are at the event. Also, covering your nose and your mouth can help you minimize the triggers that enter your airways.

Basically, it’s all a matter of avoiding the things that worsen your condition. While you can’t control the air quality or the weather conditions, you should always listen to your body. If you already find it difficult to breathe, look for a safer place that has very minimal triggers that can potentially activate an asthma attack.

Bring Your Emergency Medication

While events offer you an opportunity to enjoy fun-filled day, an asthma attack can cut the fun short. Recognizing early signs of asthma, like shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing, can help you stop your asthma from flaring up.

Once symptoms arise, reach out for your emergency medication or inhaler. Also, check your inhaler days before you attend the event and make sure that you ask your doctor for a new prescription if you are running low on your medication.

Go to the Festival with a Trusted Friend

Lastly, once your action plan is complete, forward it to a friend who will accompany you to the event. This will guarantee that you get the immediate care you need. Also, look for the nearest walk in clinic in Lacey so you can get appropriate medical attention.

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