Give Raking Injuries the RICE Treatment to Avoid an Urgent Care Visit

Raking taxes your muscles to the extent of straining them. However, since it’s the fall season, you are inescapably faced with clearing autumn leaves. To escape injury and a visit to a Lacey urgent care clinic, rake with proper techniques.

When raking, an erect posture is essential. Stand up straight and move through your torso, hips and legs, instead of just twisting your back. Also, switch raking hands or sides to avoid straining just one side of your body. If right-handed, use your left hand periodically to balance the distribution of exertion.

Failing to rake properly may result in injuries from your neck down to your ankles. In case you do sustain an injury, you should know what to do to relieve the pain before going to a provider of urgent care in Lacey. One way to deal with an injury is to apply the RICE treatment: rest, ice, compress, and elevate.

Raking Injury


The moment you feel unusual pain, stop raking and take a rest. Many people ignore such pain and continue doing whatever they’re doing only to find themselves unable to get up and move properly the next day. Don’t dismiss a pain as a simple muscle spasm. A shooting pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong, so stop, put the rake down, and rest.


An ice pack will help ease the swelling or pain when you strain a muscle. Place the ice pack on the affected area for 10 minutes and then remove it. Let the skin temperature return to normal for 10 minutes before reapplying the ice. This allows for the appropriate reduction of blood flow and the stemming of inflammation.


Compressing the injured area can also relieve pain and swelling. Do this by wrapping a bandage or an elastic guard around the injury zone.


The aim of elevation is to drive excess fluid away from the injury site. For instance, raising your arm when you have injured your elbow will help redirect the flow of fluids, enabling the muscles to heal faster. If you injure your back, however, elevation sounds impossible. In this situation, you need to lay down to get the weight off the injury.

Knowing the RICE treatment is essential before you start raking your lawn because it allows you to take action immediately. However, you still need to seek urgent care treatment to permanently rid the injury.

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