Steps to Avoid Thanksgiving Football Injuries Requiring Urgent Care

Playing touch football is a traditional family activity on Thanksgiving. It’s a time for everyone to gather in the backyard and stretch those muscles. While it’s a fun bonding moment for families, the annual Turkey Bowl can expose anyone, especially those who haven’t been physically active for the past months, to risks of injury.

You or someone in your family could sustain sprains, fractures, contusions, and pulled hamstrings and ligaments. Unfortunately, instead of enjoying the rest of the night sharing stories and laughter with your relatives, you may find yourself in a Lacey walk in clinic.

thanksgiving football

To avoid this, make sure to prepare for the game and take precautionary measures.


If Thanksgiving football is inevitable in your family, train for the game weeks ahead. Getting off the couch and going straight to the field when you haven’t had any exercise for the past year is a recipe for disaster. Prepare for it by going for a run, hitting the gym, or just exercising at home several weeks before Thanksgiving. This way, your body is already conditioned for the activity.

Warm Up

Loosen your muscles before the start of the game. Go for a jog or walk at least 15 minutes before playing to signal your body that it’s about to endure a lot of action. Stretch your muscles and joints as well.

Dress Properly

Loose shirts and comfortable pants or shorts are the best dress code for the game. This way, your body won’t heat up too much. If it’s too cold, add layers of clothing that you can easily take off when your body starts heating up.

Study the Field

Make sure that the field is safe to play on. Look for uneven surfaces, rocks, and holes as they may be a cause of injuries. Remove any hazards and find the safest field for the game.

Avoid Alcohol

There is a lot of booze served on Thanksgiving, but it for after the football match. Stick to water or sports drinks before and during the game to keep yourself hydrated. Also, alcohol can impair your judgement and make you feel like you can do anything even when you haven’t played for a long time. This can cause you to do moves and make decisions that lead to injury.

Following these steps will help you avoid a trip to a Lacey urgent care clinic, such as U.S. HealthWorks, and allow you to have a safe, fun time with your family. In case of an injury, you can apply an ice pack on the injured area within 48 hours of getting hurt. If the pain persists, seek medical treatment immediately.


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