Lacey Urgent Care Provider: Prevent Sickness from Farm-Fresh Produce

There’s nothing quite like the quality of fresh produce you get from a farmer’s market. The Olympia Farmers Market, therefore, is something that gets area residents excited year after year. Considered “The Jewel of Olympia.” It has provided a diverse variety of organic produce to the downtown community for 40 years running. This year’s market season is fast approaching, and you have 152 days from April to October to take your pick of the bounty.

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Urgent Care Tips to Avoid Getting Seasick During a Cruise Ship Trip

Many people like the idea of taking a relaxing cruise for a much-needed vacation. Cruise ships have incredible amenities such as full-size theaters, Olympic-size swimming pools, miniature golf courses and more. However, the constant churning of the waves may also start up some churning in your stomach. Providers at a Lacey urgent care offer these tips to help you avoid getting seasick when you take a cruise. Continue reading

Lacey Urgent Care Talks Fish Handler’s Disease and How to Prevent It

Spending time outdoors at Woodland Creek Community Park is a great way to get the whole family outdoors and enjoy nature. Hiking, climbing and fishing are some of the most popular activities to try at this lush outdoor recreational area. If fishing is on your to do list, take care to avoid Fish Handler’s Disease. If you notice any symptoms, visiting an urgent care in Lacey can help to diagnose your condition and get you the treatments that is necessary for recovery.

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Hurt or Sick? Some Reasons why Urgent Care Services May Be Helpful


Urgent care and a visit to the emergency room are options when your doctor’s office is closed. While you might need to see a doctor, you might not feel like it’s a true emergency. Instead of waiting for your doctor’s office to open the next day, you can visit urgent care facilities.

Is it a true emergency?

How do you know whether you have a true emergency? It’s not always a simple answer. There are times when people will delay going to the emergency room because they don’t feel like it’s serious enough for an ER visit.

If you have serious pain, shortness of breath, persistent chest pain accompanied by other symptoms, weakness or paralysis, head injuries or serious burns, you should visit your emergency room immediately. In some cases, like chest pain and slurred speech or vision, you should consider calling for an ambulance.

In the case of minor injuries…

For those visits that you’d normally make to your doctor’s office, you can visit an urgent care facility in Lacey, like U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group. Minor broken bones, cuts, sprains, fever, flu or cold, skin rashes and vomiting can be treated at an urgent care facility. When you’ve tried to get a same-day appointment with your regular physician with no success, that’s when you should visit an urgent care facility.

First time to visit? Here’s what you can expect at an urgent care facility.

Whether you’re going to see your doctor, urgent care or visiting the emergency room, you should be prepared for the healthcare provider’s questions. They’ll want to know what medicines you take regularly including all over-the-counter medications and vitamins since any of those can interact with what the doctor may want to prescribe.

Before visiting an urgent care facility, be sure to have these.

You’ll need a list of allergies, medical procedures and surgeries as well as the names of the doctors who treated you. The health care provider at an urgent care facility will want to know your symptoms and the onset of those symptoms. It might help to write information and questions down, so that you don’t forget anything while in the office.

Urgent care facilities are convenient when you can’t get an appointment with your regular doctor. They can get you moving quickly on the road to recovery too.


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How Urgent Care has Significantly Improved the Health Care Industry


The health care industry is currently one of the fastest growing global industries on the planet, and according to economists, the growth is not expected to slow down any time soon. One reason that the industry is growing so fast is that health care providers are being forced to meet the expectations of their patients. Where the past produced an environment in which the primary focus was the successful treatment of the patient, the new global economy has produced an experience driven environment in which customers and patients have higher expectations for their health care providers — forcing these providers to look for ways to improve the customer experience.

ER Alternative for Non-Life-Threatening Cases

One way that hospitals have looked to improve the experience of their patients is by increasing the number of urgent care centers within their region. Lacey urgent care centers provide a viable option for people who are in need of immediate medical treatment given that their health issues are not life-threatening. In the past, these people have been forced to visit the emergency room when they could not schedule an immediate appointment with their primary care physician; however, patients can now visit an urgent care center without having to schedule an appointment.

Additionally, most urgent care clinics in Lacey or anywhere else offer extended hours, with some staying open as late as 9:00 pm and beyond. Some are even open on weekends.

Reduced Cost

Urgent care may also provide an option for immediate health care that is significantly less expensive than other healthcare facilities. According to the Urgent Care Association of America, being treated at an urgent care center can result in costs that are half of what can be expected to be paid when visiting the emergency room.

More Convenience and Comfort for Patients

When patients with non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries are forced to visit the emergency room, it may lead to overcrowding and long waits, with some patients literally waiting hours to be seen. Urgent care facilities, which have increased by more than 1,200 since 2008 provide a more reasonable and responsive alternative for non-emergency situations. It is estimated that approximately three million patients visit urgent care centers on any given week.

Of the 9,200 urgent care facilities currently operating, nearly 30 percent are owned and operated by hospitals. Urgent care ensures that patients can find timely and responsive care for their illness.

Lacey Urgent Care: Horse Riding Safety Precautions for Equestrians

Horse Riding Safety Precautions for Equestrians

Lacey Urgent Care: Horse Riding Safety Precautions for Equestrians

Horse riding is one of the most popular recreations that folks in Lacey enjoy. Avid equestrians get to bond with their steeds while enjoying acres of meadows, grasslands, and woods overlooking scenic views. Many equestrian facilities and horse boarding farms, such as the Blue Dome and Morris Shadow Mountain Stables, even provide showmanship and grooming lessons for people of all ages who’d like to take their hobby to a more in-depth level. Even with regular training, however, horseback riding still comes with the risk of accidents, and Lacey urgent care clinics are familiar with equestrian injuries.

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Whitewater Rafting: First Aid for Wounds and When to See Urgent Care

Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater Rafting: First Aid for Wounds and When to See Urgent Care

 The White Salmon Rivers, Ross Lake, and Skagit River are special attractions to Lacey folks looking for a thrilling wild water rafting experience. Rafting trips near Lacey, Washington can range from a brief 4-hour wilderness trip to a full-blown backwoods adventure that would last for several days. However, regardless of whether you’re a group of hardcore outdoorsmen or not, it pays to be wary of the inherent perils that come with the sport.

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